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Young Entrepreneurs Fair
Young Entrepreneurs Fair

Young Entrepreneurs Fair

The Burley Summer Festival is looking for young entrepreneurs.

Time & Location

23 Aug 2023, 15:00 – 16:30

Recreation Ground, Burley in Wharfedale, Ilkley LS29, UK

About the event

Burley Summer Festival encourages local under 18s to attempt an ‘apprentice’ type challenge.

The challenge is to launch a business or money making activity with a maximum of £5 start up money. You will need to plan, make, advertise and sell your product or activity and stick to an initial budget of £5 per person (self funded).

It doesn’t have to be an invention or anything complicated. For example, buying nail polish and charging to paints nails, buying a sponge and washing cars, buying ingredients and making lemonade or cakes to sell, buying loom bands and then making bracelets to sell.  Help and support from grown ups is allowed especially for the younger competitors as long as it’s the youngsters leading their ideas . Grown-ups help is very useful in keeping their plans safe, legal and achievable.

They can only use their start-up money to fund their business, but they can reinvest their profits back into their business. For example, they can use their initial £5 to buy a few craft materials sell their crafts and then use profits to buy more crafts ready for a stall at the Entrepreneurs Fair.  To keep things fair between teams, the teams cannot use things they already own to sell they must use their start up money.  

They may need help keeping accounts, a simple record of money in and money out is perfect. This way the organisers can see which team has made the most profit and who has overspent. They can use their own spreadsheet or records or there is a simple one at the following link they can use.



They will need to register to take part and will have a stall to sell their products or activities on Wednesday 23rd August.

The link to register is

We welcome advertising posters of their business which we can display in the hall. We are also planning on showing adverts of the teams products at the event and also with parental permission they can be shown on Burley Summer Festivals social medial channels. (children’s faces do not need to be shown just their business). Adverts can be emailed to

They can begin setting up on the day from 5pm.

Buyers arrive from 6pm.

Doors close at 7.30pm

Teams must count up the money spent and money made and hand in these accounts to organisers.

They must leave the hall as they find it taking any leftovers and rubbish with you.

Winning team will be crowned BSF’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

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